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Sage Accounting API oAuth issue - Authorise Application Error


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I am trying to integrate Sage API for Sage Business Cloud Accounting subscription. I am doing this for running API based actions currently only within my organisation.

Details of my setup:

Testing & issue:

  • Tried to Authorize the App using the Trial / organisation's account login details for the API - https://www.sageone.com/oauth2/auth/central?filter=apiv3.1
  • Authorization request is failing and I am unable to generate a Authorization code using both localhost & Postman setup
  • After entering the login credentials and 2FA code, I still get an error
  • The app doesn't go to the "Authorise application" page and directly goes to "Authorise Application Error" page (see attached screenshot)
  • "Authorise Application Error" page is at URL - https://central.uk.sageone.com/errors/oauth-failed
  • I have checked the browser console and network tabs but cannot find any information that may shed light on the issue
  • Since I cannot get an Authorization code via oAuth, I can't generate an access token for API requests

Trouble shooting steps:


  • What could be the possible issue(s) in my setup and how do I debug and resolve them?
  • Since initially I am planning to use the Sage API internally, can I generate access tokens directly without using oAuth?

Please provide support on the issue as I have tested the setup several times without success and I need to get it working relatively quickly for automating actions for my organisation.

Thank you in anticipation.

Authorise Application Error.png

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Hi Rishiom,

We are aware of an issue with generated client_id guid's which are failing to pass a regex in our auth service. It sounds as if this could be the issue for yourself.

We're hoping to push a fix live today 06/02/2024 to resolve the issue.

If you DM me with the client_id you're using i'll be able to check if this is the issue.



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