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504 Gateway Timeout for /sales_invoices


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We're calling https://api.accounting.sage.com/v3.1/sales_invoices?status_id=UNPAID&attributes=all and getting a timeout error.
This is just asking for the default 20 records, so would expect any server-side timeout to be long enough.

Is there something we could do to address this?
Can we pass in a timeout parameter or is there a way of increasing the timeout for this account (is this a commercial thing)?
Or is there some server-side issue?

We normally call this in a paged manner and notice that the first call usually takes 12s with subsequent pages taking <2s.
That suggests there's some pre-emptive caching going on; maybe that's an issue.

I'd appreciate any advice!  Thank you!

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Hi @John Charnley,

I've set you a PM to ask for some additional details to help us trace the error. 

It may be that one or more of the SI's being returned has a large number of item lines that is causing the backend server to exceed the 28's the API gateway waits for the response. 

What data do you actually require from the SI? It may be that you can specify the attributes you require rather than ask for all?



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