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Hi, I'm making great progress but am stuck trying to create a stock item. The code is below. It enters perfectly except it shows as Non-Stock. When I use the api to get the product details it shows catalog_item_type as  {"id": "PRODUCT","displayed_as": "Non-stock","$path": "/catalog_item_types/PRODUCT"} Do I need to add some more info? Other stock items which I entered manually show as {"id": "STOCK_ITEM","displayed_as": "Stock","$path": "/catalog_item_types/STOCK_ITEM"}

Many thanks, Bill

{'product': {
                'description': 'tomatoes',
                'sales_ledger_account_id': 'db9b8a68106b11ef963b02a97020826f',
                'purchase_ledger_account_id': 'db9a0a63106b11ef963b02a97020826f',
                'item_code': 'toms_6pack', // must be unique
                'notes': 'very tasty',
                'sales_tax_rate_id': 'IE_ZERO',
                // 'usual_supplier_id':'',
                // 'purchase_tax_rate_id':'',
                // 'cost_price':''
                // 'purchase_decription':'',
                'active': true,
                'sales_prices': [
                    {'price_name': 'Sales Price','price': 2.34,'price_includes_tax': false,'product_sales_price_type_id': 'd666f161fe3d4643b1b39ff44b51ac08'}


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