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Validating Triggers/Smart Events Sent By Sage Intacct


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Hello, I'm new to Sage Intacct and am currently working on integrating it with my company's in-house app. I would like to use triggers or smart events to send data to an API I have built that is intended to update data in our system. My issue is that I need to be able to validate these calls that are being made from Sage Intacct and into our app. I have seen that you can send key/value pairs with these triggers/events such as the user session ID, but that does nothing to help me actually verify if that was a legitimate ID sent from Sage Intacct.

Is anyone able to provide advice on the matter? I am new to API building in general, but I assume there must be a way to verify requests to an external URL through Sage Intacct.

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The best thing to do is make a call to getAPISession - but instead of supplying the username and password, supply the session id you received through the smart event/trigger.


For example:

      <function controlid="abc123">
        <getAPISession />

If the session id is invalid, then you receive an error:

      <description>Invalid session [Request ID: 888c325e8e98dd43-LHR]</description>
If it's valid, then you receive the session id back along with the added benefit of the URL and location (if at the top level location will be blank):


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Short answer is to make a call to getAPISession and pass in the session id - if invalid it will give an error message, otherwise it will return the session id you supplied along with the location and URL.  I posted more details with examples, but this is waiting to be moderated as I include a link to the help page....should turn up later 🙂


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