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Can't open process session


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  "origin": "Classic pages client",
  "details": " - Error code : [18]",
  "diagnoses": [
      "severity": "error",
      "sdataCode": "0",
      "stackTrace": "Unexpected token # in JSON at position 15850\nSyntaxError: Unexpected token # in JSON at position 15850\n    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)\n    at VisualProcessField.setValue (\n    at WinModel.eval (\n    at\n    at Function.h.each.h.forEach (\n    at WinModel._setDataField (\n    at WinModel.setEntitiesValue (\n    at WinStack.applyChange (\n    at SapController.eval (\n    at",
      "message": "Stack log"

X3 Setup Process1.png

X3 Setup Process2.png

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