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Refresh token is invalid for OAuth2.0


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Hi there,

My OAuth2.0 code has been working fine, but today I have received this from my API: {'error': 'invalid_grant', 'error_description': 'the submitted refresh_token is invalid'}. The refresh token had been minted a few minutes before from a sign in via Sage to authorize my app, so I doubt that my refresh token has expired. Any ideas on what the problem could be?

Here is my code to make sure I've followed the documentation correctly;

url = 'https://oauth.accounting.sage.com/token'
payload = {'grant_type': 'refresh_token', 
			'refresh_token': refreshtoken,
			'client_id': client_id,
			'client_secret': client_secret
headers = {
			'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)

Thank you any help would be great

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Hi Norman, thank you for your question.

We're not aware of any issue with the exchange of refresh_tokens at present. How are you storing the access and refresh tokens?  Do you set a timer for the access_token period or are you exchanging refresh_tokens for every request?

Making a comparison of your code to code I use to exchange refresh tokens, I noticed that I am also setting the below in the request header.

'Accept': 'application/json'



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Hi @Steel, Mark,

I'm exchanging refresh_tokens for every request. I added the accept parameter to the header and it works, thank you so much. I don't believe that was in the documentation though for Authorization? It would be helpful to have that in the documentation, especially for newbies to the Accounting API, as I was following the documentation strictly. Or does the documentation just assume that you know to put that in the header? Thanks again.

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@Steel, Mark

I thought it was working, but I have left it for about 4 hours now and have ran my program again and the problem is still there. Refresh tokens are valid for 31 days aren't they? So why would it be saying that a token is invalid? Also my token is stored in a variable, that takes the refresh token directly from the JSON response

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Thanks Norman

Refresh tokens are valid for 31 days or until a new refresh token is requested. If you had a scenario where many requests were made consecutively you would be requesting a new access_token for each of those requests. How do you ensure you wait for the new access_token and refresh_token to be returned and the holding variable set before making the next request? 

It sounds as if you're trying to exchange an already super-seeded refresh_token which is being seen as invalid. There's Java Script in the Demo Data Postman collection, that uses a timer to understand when the current access_token is due to expire and then exchanges the refresh_token before it expires and makes the next request.

I've included the script below FYI. 


// Global variables
const moment = require ('moment');
var time = moment();
if (pm.environment.get("accessTokenExpires")< time.format())
      url:  'https://oauth.accounting.sage.com/token',
      method: 'POST',
      header: {
        'Accept': 'application/json',
        'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded',
      body: {
          mode: 'urlencoded',
          urlencoded: [
            {key: "client_id", value: pm.environment.get('clientId'), disabled: false},
            {key: "client_secret", value: pm.environment.get('clientSecret'), disabled: false},
            {key: "grant_type", value: "refresh_token", disabled: false},
            {key: "refresh_token", value: pm.environment.get('refreshToken'), disabled: false}
    }, function (error, response) {
        pm.environment.set("accessToken", response.json().access_token);
        //set the Access token expiry time as the response time + 5 mins
        var tokenExpires = new Date;
        tokenExpires =  time.add(5, 'minutes').format();
        pm.environment.set("accessTokenExpires", tokenExpires);
        pm.environment.set("refreshToken", response.json().refresh_token);


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