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Please help me.


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How are you?
I have some questions.
1. I'm trying to connect the Contacts in https://accounts-extra.sageone.com by using SAGE REST API.
But when I use the contact REST API, 
API URL is https://api.accounting.sage.com/v3.1/ .

In this case, if  I add the customer by using contact API, the new customer info is added in https://accounting.eu.sageone.com/contacts/customer.(via  Postman)
But I can't find the new customer info which I added from  https://accounts-extra.sageone.com/contacts/customers (via Web browser).
Is the URL right? please help me.
2. The refresh key is expired 5min later.
My account is the trial one.
Why is it expired so quickly?
When I see the API document, it said the refresh key is expired 30 days later.
What's wrong?

After checking it, please reply.

Here is attachment.
Best Regards.



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Hi Stasin, thank you for your question.

30 days is the refresh token expiry time, 5 mins is the access token expiry. On expiry of an access token the refresh token is exchanged for a new access and refresh token. Further details are covered in the authentication guide.

The URL you are using is the correct URL, but I'm unsure from the request example how you are expecting it to return the contact you created in the web UI? You seem to use the ID of a contact and then use the Href URL in the response to open the contact in the UI?

You can add a search query param and set that to the contact name, business or ideally the ref -  contacts?search=com001 to return the exact contact(if using the ref) or return a subset of contacts containing your query value if using the name or business. 

If you have access to more than one business, you'll need to ensure you are setting the request header with X-Business and the ID value of the business you are attempting to obtain the contacts from.  You can quickly find out which businesses you have access to by making a GET request to the businesses endpoint.

Our Demo Data POSTMAN collection contains a pre request script you can use to refresh the access token. This will prevent the need from manually needing to re auth every five minutes. If you send an email to [email protected] containing the email address of the trial account together with the region (FR, ES UKI etc) we can extend developer trial accounts for 12 mths.



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