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Updating customer with TAX number fails. I don't understand this error message. Anybody knows how to solve?


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We have customers in Spain who wish to have their tax numbers displayed on the invoice (we issue all our invoices via API). I am not sure how to display this info so i started by updating our contacts and adding tax_numbers to their fields, then calling update method. I tried in Postman to see what the response was and was only able to get this (tax number does not match the main address). 

I checked main address but there was no indication of tax so I have no idea how Tax number affects main address. Any additional info on this would be appreciated and urgent.


P.S. - My desired end result is to display our customer's (Contact) tax number also on the invoice, below their name and address. Will what I am trying to achieve cause it to be displayed there? If not, is there another way to achieve this? Thanks in advance for help.

Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 10.50.08.png

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Hi Tadej, thank you for your question. 

To populate the tax_number of a customer contact, the number must be valid. For Spain, validation is 9 chars including 1 or 2 alpha chars. First or last, or first and last X12345678, 12345678X, X1234567X.

If your request is still failing after ensuring the tax_number is valid, please post your request body for us to take a look at.

If the Tax Number/NIF is set for the business and the contact it will display on the invoice as shown in the attached.



Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 13.48.58.png

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