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Import negative value records in Sage BC


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I have a few questions related to importing .csv files to Sage BC:
1) It's said on the 'Import bank statement' Sage BC page  that transaction type=payment can have a negative value. Is it correct? So payments either +ve or -ve pass the import successfully

2) And a similar question relates to credit notes. If an external system stores credit notes as -ve values, is it ok to have them as negatives in a .csv file for Sage BC? Or -ve CRs should be converted to +ves and marked as transaction type = cr note (similar to how it works in Sage 200)

3) The last question is about Sales invoices Debit notes. For Sage BC .csv file for invoices there can be only 2 transaction types, either invoice or cr note. Does it mean that debit notes should get type = invoice?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Eugenia,

1. So the terminology used in that document refers to payments and receipts as payments out and payments in. Whenever you are using a csv import you must ensure that the value of payments out (so actual payments) are set to a -ve value.

2. You can import the following types of data:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Customer and Supplier contacts
  • Customer or Supplier opening balances
  • Products or services
  • Batches of Sales or Purchase quick entries
  • Transactions via Opayo

When creating credits via the quick entry batch import you can just leave all figures as positives as you state the Type in the first column (Cr Note / Invoice). 

3. Sage Business Cloud Accounting has the concepts of Invoices or credits, so no Sales debit notes, only invoices.



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