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I'm developing an app for Sage Business Cloud Accounting and it requires to sign up for a trial account.

Following the procedure it requires me to input my debit/credit card or direct debit details before I can create this account.  This is not good. I do not want to leave my bank card details just for creating an app.

I developed an app to integrate with Xero and the Xero developer account comes with a testing company account.

Can I create  a testing account?


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Hi Alain, thank you for your question.

It sounds as if the account you signed up for is a promotional offer rather than a trial account. The trial account link is towards the very bottom of the page and won't ask for payment details. I've attached a screenshot for your information.

Once you have signed up for the trial account, please let us know the email address used and we can have the account extended for development purposes.

We have a POSTMAN collection together with demo data that can be used to hydrate UK Vat registered businesses with data. You can find that here.

Our developer journey is currently missing a sandbox environment. We're working towards bridging this gap and hope to be able to offer the functionality in the future. 




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Hi Mark,

Thanks for this.  The trial links are buried so far down the page that I did not see them. Also I think there are way too many messages popping up on that page. It felt I was back in the mid 90s when popups were the norm!

Anyway, I created an account, Accounting Standard, quickly glanced at the online application and logged out.  Now I cannot log back in. I was not asked for a password during the account creation anyway.

The Login link in the email I received points to https://app.sageone.com/ which automatically redirects to https://central.uk.sageone.com/errors/error-id-provider

I have previously created a developer account and a developer community account with the same email address as the one for the trial account which is [email protected]

Can you help please?




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