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Auto calculate tax in Invoice


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I am successfully creating invoices on Sage via the API. 

I want to know whether it is possible to tell Sage to auto calculate the tax amount of each line, when we pass in the tax_rate_id ?

Following is my JSON. 

{"sales_invoice":{"contact_id":"004e60b2331d421aae39eb30760f53ce","date":"13/06/2022","invoice_lines":[{"description":"Product 1","ledger_account_id":"060828c7af6e11ecb2850279d0cc53c5","quantity":1,"unit_price":"50.00000","tax_rate_id":"GB_STANDARD","unit_price_includes_tax":false}]}}

This is what I see on the UI.



In a second scenario, if I send the same JSON but with "unit_price_includes_tax":true, it does the following.


Hope my question makes sense. 

Thank you.

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