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Auto calculate tax in Invoice


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I am successfully creating invoices on Sage via the API. 

I want to know whether it is possible to tell Sage to auto calculate the tax amount of each line, when we pass in the tax_rate_id ?

Following is my JSON. 

{"sales_invoice":{"contact_id":"004e60b2331d421aae39eb30760f53ce","date":"13/06/2022","invoice_lines":[{"description":"Product 1","ledger_account_id":"060828c7af6e11ecb2850279d0cc53c5","quantity":1,"unit_price":"50.00000","tax_rate_id":"GB_STANDARD","unit_price_includes_tax":false}]}}

This is what I see on the UI.



In a second scenario, if I send the same JSON but with "unit_price_includes_tax":true, it does the following.


Hope my question makes sense. 

Thank you.

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On 3/29/2023 at 5:27 PM, Steel, Mark said:

@Lahiru Hewa Rajage - The behaviour has now been improved to provide the tax_amount when setting the unit_price_includes_tax attribute to true.

Hi, may I ask what the request body for this particular scenario should look like?
I am trying to get Sage to automatically calculate the Invoice tax amount, I am passing the unit_price_includes_tax attribute to true.

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Hi Sam,

Thank you for your question

unit_price_includes_tax is only applicable in UK, IE, US and FR regions of Sage Business Cloud Accounting.
Due to the number of different permutations of taxation in Canada and Spain it was not possible to implement this functionality and subsequently you would need to calculate the tax_amount and pass that in the invoice_line.

The body params would contain as a minimum the below:

	"sales_invoice": {
		"contact_id": "3fa66811fe13468ba0f24acc5d7a7250",
		"date": "2023-08-29",
		"reference": "Inc Tax",
		"invoice_lines": [{
				"description": "Test Mileage",
				"ledger_account_id": "84af6a52630011e691e20a5d7cf84c3e",
				"unit_price": "0.15",
				"quantity": "45",
                "unit_price_includes_tax": true,
                "tax_rate_id": "GB_STANDARD"    



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