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I have a registered application that uses the API for Sage Business Cloud, for our company. It's maintained using the Self Service link:


I'll be leaving the company soon, and will be handing maintenance over to another developer. Is there any way I can hand over the administration of this application to him, without him needing to re-register it, and thus breaking the client id, etc.?



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Hi Adam,

Unfortunately not, we don't currently have the means for this app registry's credentials to be migrated to another user.

All you can really do is set up another one, this time using a more general email, that multiple people in the company will have access to and create a new app, then update the credentials in your app.

I wish there were a way, and its something that will be available in the future, once Accounting joins our main app registry (you've probably noticed there's two in the list). 

Apologies for the inconvenience,



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