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Issue with create sales invoice


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Hi i am working with a customer of mine who has sage cloud accounting. The system simply needs to create an invoice in sage for a few customers. When calling the endpoint POST /sales_invoices something quite strange happens.

I am greeted with an error message validation main_address is required. I spoke to the client who assured me each contact and all have a main address attached ( 1 address counts as main address ). Out of the 8 Customers an invoice should be generated but only 2 pass. The rest fail for this validation.

To verify this i called the endpoint GET /addresses which does infact return an address for each customer but not in the format shown on the example response. I only receive pagination, id, and displayed_as no other keys or data are present.

The 2 invoices for the 2 contacts that do get created, i cant see any difference the address returns the same as the others. I checked if the creation date was before the sage upgrade but the customer cant remember. Any ideas on this?

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