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V3 API Contact Search Parameters For Collection Wildcards


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When using the Sage Once API call:


The results returned don’t just match the literal “J&J” but also seem to return other matches with names starting with the letter “J”, as if the ampersand “&” is used as some kind of wildcard.

How can I specify a literal search string of “J&J” so that only one record is returned rather than all wildcard matches?


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Hi David,
Thank you for your question. 

At present the API's querying ability does not fully support oData specs including wild cards. On this occasion it is seeing the ampersand as the end of the search phrase and therefore returning any contact with an F in its name or reference.
If the contact has an email address, the solution maybe to use the email query parameter instead of the search parameter. 

https://api.columbus.sage.com/uki/sageone/accounts/v3/contacts[email protected]

If the above suggestion does not work, please let us know what information you are working with as we may be able to suggest an alternative approach.

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