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ASP.NET Integration with Sage Accounts 50 Cloud Edition v28


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Hi Sage Community,

My name is Ben, I am a Developer for a small company in Edinburgh and we are looking for a way (if possible) to integrate our asp.net mvc website with Sage 50 Cloud Accounts?

Any advice would be great, as I can find little info about it.

Thanks for your help in advance 🙂




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Hi Ben,

Sage 50 Cloud Accounts is a desktop product that currently(UK version) does not have publicly available API's. 

Integration with Sage 50c is via Sage Data Objects (SDO) which is a collection of ActiveX dynamic link libraries (.DLLs). The SDK delivers an object- based interface with methods and properties designed to simplify communications between compliant development tools and the Sage 50 Accounts database. For example - the ‘SalesRecord’ object has methods to ‘Find’, ‘Edit’ and ‘Update’ a customer record, and properties to get and set the ‘Name’, ‘Credit_Limit’, and ‘Balance’.

Access to the SDO is via a subscription to the UK Sage Developers Programme. This entitles you to support with your applications a long with comprehensive help documentation complete with code examples for all objects written in both VB and C# .Net.



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