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Sage 50 Canadian Edition integration


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We already have an integration with Sage 50 using IMP files, but we now have a client that uses Programs in Sage 50 Canadian Edition and we are coming up with nothing when trying to find any documentation about how to add this.

We have seen a little app the client uses for importing expenses / invoices and it does include a synch to Sage to display the programs and they can select them for each expense or invoice, however with the app each invoice has to be added, checked and approved for import individually - which is too labour intensive, the client would like to be able to import tens or even hundreds of invoices in one go, either through the IMP files or even better (if available) through an API.

1. Where is the documentation for Sage 50 Canadian Edition integrations?

2. Is there a way to synch to Sage to get program import program data and an external system?

3. If so, where is the documentation on how to build this kind of integration?


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Hi Julie,

The documentation for Sage Business Cloud Accounting can be found at https://developer.sage.com/accounting. The API is identical for the 6 regions supported by this version of the product which are, CA, ES, FR, IR, UK and US. There are some idiosyncrasies relating to how the address regions work and are called out in this guide

The API's are public and freely available and will allow data to be both read and written. 



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