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Development Advice for Sage 50Cloud


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Hi all,

I think this is the best place to come to ask for help and hopefully someone will be able to answer my question, I have been looking for ages to find a response to.

I am building my client a brand-new Internal cloud-based CRM system and Ecommerce website using .NET, but my client is currently on Safe 50 Accounts which as of 30th September 22 is being closed down, so they currently don't know where to upgrade too either Sage Business Cloud or Sage 50 Cloud. My question is If they choose Sage 50 Cloud how do I go about developing a piece of code to send their ecommerce orders to their sage account as I can only see the documentation and API for Sage Business Cloud but nothing for Sage 50? I hear rumors that you been a Sage SDK which apparently costs thousands of pound which is going to be impossible for us to obtain that if the rumored statement is true.

Another question would be if I cannot develop for Sage 50 Cloud then how different Sage Business Cloud would be for my client and would it be better for them or not. Either way I ideally need to be able to develop for both.

Many Thanks

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Hi Joey, 

Thank you for your questions. 

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "as of 30th September 22 is being closed down" Is it that the version your client is using is out of date and no longer supported by the services team? Sage 50 Accounts has a lot in common with Sage 50 Cloud Accounts and any integration currently working with Sage 50 Accounts could be recompiled and used with Sage 50 Cloud Accounts.

The Sage 50 Cloud Accounts SDK is a data level access component that provides read/write access to 99% of the Sage 50 Cloud Accounts data. Data level access means integrating is not as straight forward as it would be using an API wrapping the business logic. The SDK provides .Net code examples in both C# and VB that can be quickly adapted to provide functionality of the integrating application.

Due to the nature of the SDK and the support required to replicate business logic, this is a charged for product and currently costs £2500 for an annual subscription. There are many Sage 50 Cloud Accounts developers that have created integrations and applications that may already be available as a solution. Sage Marketplace is a good place to look for off the shelf solutions matching your clients needs.

It's not possible to summarise the difference between the Sage 50 Cloud Accounts and Sage Business Cloud Accounting products and a lot will depend on how your client currently uses Sage 50 Accounts. Trial versions of Sage Business Cloud Accounting can be created free of charge and will provide 30 days of free access to evaluate how the product works and can work for them. You can access the links to create a trial account from here.


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