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ContactPayments API: Erroneous "overpayment" error


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Usually, this work fine, but for some reason, the API is refusing to pay one particular invoice, claiming that we are attempting to overpay the invoice.


[contact_payment] =>
	[transaction_type_id] => CUSTOMER_RECEIPT
	[contact_id] => 934b56e8d85e43efbf5815629eaac44f
	[bank_account_id] => 4a7ee3e64df74deab20633d2e4d9af64
	[date] => 2022-10-11T00:00:00+01:00
	[total_amount] => 1497.36
	[reference] => DA60235
	[payment_method_id] => CREDIT_DEBIT
	[allocated_artefacts] =>
			[0] => Array
					[artefact_id] => 23c914ddacc641f4b08d629e623abbab
					[amount] => 1497.36




[$severity] => error
[$dataCode] => RecordInvalid
[$message] => You cannot overpay invoices.
[$source] => base
[friendlyErrorMessage] => You cannot overpay invoices.

Except that the invoice amount is 1497.36, and it is entirely unpaid.

Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 10.18.01.png

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Hi Matt,

Is this for the same business we're currently investigating issues for?

The only time i've seen this occur is when the customer is a non base customer and there's some rounding conflict in the base amounts.

We'd need permission from the business owner to take a look at the data. [email protected]


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