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How to create Products via Sage & how to view them via the API


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I am currently writing an interface for a customer who uses Sage50.

I'm currently using a "Sage Business Cloud Accounting Start"trial account for testing.
After some fiddling I think I've got the oAuth2 side of things working and can succesfully call the /countries endpoint in my code. I made some dummy invoices via the front end of the Sage website and can view those via the /sales_invoices endpoint.

However I can't see any way of creating products from the front end and when i call the /stock_items endpoint I receive:
"Action restricted for Start in United Kingdom"

Any idea what I'm missing?

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HI Kevin,

Thank you for your question.

It's not possible to use the Sage Business Cloud Accounting API's to connect with a Sage 50c Business. 

For the UK version of Sage 50c the only means of currently writing data is via the SDK, known as Sage Data Objects. As the name suggests, this is a set of low level data access components that allows data to be written and retrieved from the Sage 50c data files. 

To access the SDK, you would need to become a member of the UK Sage Developers Program(Presuming this is for the UK).  Further information can be obtained from [email protected]

Regarding your question relating to SBCA - Start. Start does not offer product/stock_item functionality. If you sign up for a Trial of the Accounting Plus Tier you'll be able to access the stock_items.

Kind regards

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Thanks Kevin,

I've just checked the link  https://www.sage.com/en-gb/shop/sage50c/freetrial/ you provided and found that it is directing users to a page that offers an Accounting trial before Sage 50c. It looks as if you've chosen the link for Accounting.

https://developer.sage.com/accounting/quick-start/set-up-the-basics/ Provides the links you would need to create an SBCA Accounting plus trial. This is probably redundant now given that you're not developing for this product.

If you decide to join the developers program, you'll be provided with serial numbers and keys to install and activate a developer copy of Sage 50c on your PC. 



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