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Getting different errors when trying to create a new order (Sage 50 Accounting)


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Hi everybody,

I am new to Sage. I am a C# developer trying to build a software for my boss. I am using Sage 50 Pro Accounting (Canadian) 2022, and I am currently on the trial version.

I followed the example that comes with the SDK for creating a new order:



When I get to the part where I need to set the OrderQuoteNum property, I get the error message: "The order/quote number field is disabled or it is hidden because the company data does not have order/quote feature turned on." I searched in the different settings, and from what I could find (see below image), every feature seems to be turned on:




I tried commenting out this line in my code, to see if I could create an order without it, but I get another error when I get to the purJournal.SetOrdered(50, 1) line. The error is: "The field you are trying to change or function you are calling is not accessible under current circumstance."

Finally, when I comment out that line in the code too, I make it to purJourn.Post() line, but I then get the following error message: "The Invoice number is undefined.  Enter the Invoice number." I don't understand why I am getting this error, since I am not creating an Invoice but a PurchaseOrder.

I couldn't really find help online for these different errors. I would appreciate any help I can get.

Thanks :)

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