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"The request contained parameters that are restricted for Accounting in United Kingdom [registered_number]"


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I am trying to create new contacts (suppliers) via the API to my Development company. Although I registered the trial org for UK I am getting this error message when I try to creata a new account in Postman:

"The request contained parameters that are restricted for Accounting in United Kingdom [registered_number]"
API reference metions param registered_number as only available in Germany. The company record I tried to create has all country-related params set to GB and the country-group to GBIE.
Any idey why I am getting this error?
Thank a lot for helping me out.
Stefan Schindler
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Hi Stefan,

The error is generally related to the parameters you are passing to create the contact for the business's associated tier.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is available in three tiers with varying functionality between the tiers. It looks as if you're trying to pass an attribute that is not available in the Accounting Tier or the registered_number you are passing is not a valid field for the UK.

In this case it looks to be the latter which is the issue, the registered_number of the contact's business, is only used for German businesses and represents the "Steuernummer". It's an invalid field for any other region including the UK.



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