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Invoice line discount


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I am using discount_amount field to specify discounts for invoice lines. We have a case where individual line net amounts are negative. For example, we have 2 lines, first with net amount 50 and second line with net amount -30. In this case, individual line have negative net amount, but in the end invoice total amount will be positive and it will work as expected. But when I try to specify discount_amount for those lines, I get an error because It seems that discount_amount cannot be specified for the line that has negative net amount (in this case line with -30 amount). I tried the same in the UI and it doesn't allow to set discount_amount for the line with negative amount.  

Is there way to specify discount if the line is negative or is it not possible?

I tried using discount_percentage field instead of discount_amount, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Is there a way to specify the discount percentage so that Sage can automatically calculate the discounted amount?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Thanks for your question.

SBCA will not allow you to add a discount amount/percentage to a line item if it causes a negative line item total. For example you enter a positive amount of 100 and then discount it by 200% to give a negative -100. 

What is the requirement here? Are you wanting to ensure the discount amount is correctly attributed to the discount nominal/ledger in the P&L? You'll also need to consider the tax_code you're using. Entering a negative item line will create a debit value for the tax liability. Should this transaction be reducing the tax_liability?



Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 09.30.00.png

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