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Analysis Types Issue


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Excellent news that we are now able to see analysis types on transactions. We are able to return analysis details on a transaction when we read using the transaction id but not when we read a range of transactions.

As below:


What are we doing wrong?



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Hi Andrew

We have two tickets in our backlog to complete the Analysis Types API exposure.

SBS-48029 - To expose analysis type transactions. 

Use case  - Integrating application has a requirement to obtain historic and realtime data for analysis types. At present it's not possible to identify from transactions or the originating artefact type if analysis types have been defined. The only method of obtaining this information is to iterate every transaction which potentially has analysis types defined.

This is hugely inefficient and has the potential to place a large strain on server resources. 

SBS-48032 - To expose the group analysis on customers, suppliers, products, stock_items and service_items.

Use case  - An integrating application needs to associate a contact with a new analysis_type_category they've created for GROUP analysis types.


The implementation of SBS-48029 will provide an indicator that can be used to identify invoices with analysis type data in the index request as you require. Due to the architecture of the analysis types data and the relationship to artefacts it is unlikely that we'd be able to provide the analysis_type data in such a request due to its efficiency.  The request you provided above would potentially cause a 504 timeout if there were a few invoices with many item lines.


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