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Sage cloud 50 API integration


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I am unable to find a way to generate apikey as can't see the prompt screen as shown in the doc https://qa-developer-portal-50cloud.sageaccountantscloud.com/how-to/#on-boarding. also create orders on Sage cloud50 via APIs.
Did follow this
https://qa-developer-portal-50cloud.sageaccountantscloud.com/api/ documentation. But it is not stating how we can pass order information in the file what are the key attributes needed to pass for creating order and the data structure (eg: JSON, XML), and file type (eg: .json,.xml)? Also wanted to know where we need to keep the files in order to upload them to the cloud50.

I have a source platform from where I will be receiving complete order information. So I am looking to create an integration that will push this information to sage cloud50.

Also, from where this prompt will come in sage 50- Attached reference ( written in API doc- On Sage 50 application user invokes some option and enter the passcode.)

Your much-needed help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance

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