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Custom Connector test failure


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I have created my API as per the documentation in Postman - it all works fine.

When I then import it into Power Automate as a custom connector, it imports fine but the test fails.

It says 


So the obvious is that the "bearer" code isnt there in the header but when I check the header it isnt the case?



Any ideas?

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Hi Stuart,
Thank you for your question. 
We have no experience of using the Sage Business Cloud Accounting API's within Power Automate or Power Automate directly. 
The access_token lasts for 5 minutes and then it needs to be refreshed by exchanging the refresh_token for a new set of tokens (access and refresh) as per the auth guide. The response of the request is then returned to the callback Url's that you have registered against your application in the app registry The message you are seeing indicates that the access_token used in the header is invalid.
Is there a default callback URL Power Automate uses and how have you implemented the maintaining of the access_token within Power Automate? Have you registered the Power Automate callback Url in the app registry?

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