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Sage 200 direct database interactions


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I would like some guidance on the Sage 200 database setup please, the API does not do enough CRUD functionality that I need.

Essentially I need to be able to mimic the actions you can do via the Sage 200 UI, via code.

For example, I need to be able to update a sales order item and change its allocation from one warehouse to another before marking it as despatched.

This is just one example, but it is not possible from what I can find online in the documentation.

I am a developer with direct database access to Sage 200, I can easily query the database and get information out, such as available stock across warehouses, but when it comes to updating data, I need some documentation on what tables/cols need to be updated so that I don't cause any corruptions further down the line.

Surely there must be documentation on how the application interacts with the database - I have emailed the developer support email but I have had nothing back.



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