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How to synchronize data between Sage business cloud account and Sage 50 desktop app


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I am trying to view my data of sage business cloud account on sage 50 desktop application. I have created a company on sage 50 and logged in with my business cloud account credentials but the data is not showing on sage 50 that is present on my business cloud account. 

For example, I have created a new supplier on sage business cloud account but that is not visible on sage 50.

On Sage Business Cloud Account:


On Sage 50:



Also, no supplier API is available in sage business APIs. Please help how to access the supplier API endpoints.


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Hi Syeda,

Thank you for your question.

Sage 50c and Sage Business Cloud Accounting are two different products which are not interconnected in any way. We have a service that allows Sage 50c Data to be migrated to Sage Business Cloud Accounting but other than that, you cannot view data stored in one product in the other.

The contacts API provides access to both CUSTOMER and SUPPLIER contacts in Sage Business Cloud Accounting. The difference is with the contact_type_id parameter.




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