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Hello! I'm interested in learning more about integrations/ apps used with Sage


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Hi.  I'm not sure if this is the correct place to inquire or not, but I'm interested in learning more about what other platforms (sales, CRM, shipping, etc.) clients use along with Sage.  I'm just getting familiar with Sage and have never used it, but I'm exploring it.  Our eCommerce platform FlowLink.io syncs such back office tools and we've been focused on mostly QuickBooks for the last 7 years, but we were considering expanding to offer a Sage integration to add to our portfolio of offerings: List of current integrations

Do Sage users integrate with other platforms to sync information?  Do you feel this SAAS product would be beneficial to users?

Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks!


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Hi Jeff,

Welcome to the community. 

Sage have a large portfolio of products with a wide range of functionality and integration possibilities. 

We have a number of integrators who have created solutions for Sage Products and advertise on https://uk-marketplace.sage.com/en-GB/home. The market place allows users of Sage Products to filter solutions based on the Sage product they use, the industry they operate in and the solution type they're looking for.

One of our products  similar to Quickbooks is Sage Business Cloud Accounting. There is no barrier to getting started with your SBCA integration and all documentation is public. https://developer.sage.com/accounting/

If you're interested in developing an application for one or many of our products and would like your product to be visible on the market place, you can contact our partner recruitment team using the become a partner option located at the bottom of https://www.sage.com/en-gb/partners/tech-partners/



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