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Payment Receipts imported to Sage via API - date is changing in Sage to Date on Payment - 1 day


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We are transferring Sales Invoices and Sales Credit notes to Sage Business Accounting as well as Customer Payment Receipts
The Invoices and credit notes transfer over fine.
But the Sales Receipts/Payments date is saved in Sage with the date changed to one day previous.
If we transfer a payment receipt dated 01/06/2023 it will be 31/05/2023 in Sage

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Hi Marie,

Thank you for your post. 

Could you provide the JSON body you are sending in the request please along with the invoice dates of any invoices you are attempting to allocate to when creating the receipt.

I've created a customer_receipt using the below body and could not replicate the behaviour you describe.

	"contact_payment": {
		"transaction_type_id": "CUSTOMER_RECEIPT",
		"date": "2023-06-01",
        "contact_id": "2e01687362494a2697a51301a8697ea1",
		"bank_account_id": "6b4b114dc9da4664bdcb82b510a63ac8",
		"payment_method_id": "CREDIT_DEBIT",
        "reference": "Test Receipt",
		"total_amount": "12.0",
		"payment_lines": [{
			"ledger_account_id": "fba3a5ec7a1311ed91ce06907ea83981",
			"details": "Test",
			"total_amount": "10.0",
			"tax_rate_id": "GB_STANDARD",
			"tax_amount": "2.0"




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