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Not getting currency in bank accounts endpoint


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Thanks for your post and raising this behaviour.

The behaviour you describe occurs only for the default bank accounts created at the time the business is provisioned. 

Once the user activates foreign currencies, all new bank accounts created will provide the currency as in the below response. 

    "id": "29121d3095e340b3bce2238b3e9e2002",
    "displayed_as": "US Dollar Account (1060) (USD $)",
    "$path": "/bank_accounts/29121d3095e340b3bce2238b3e9e2002",
    "created_at": "2023-09-11T07:52:11Z",
    "updated_at": "2023-09-11T07:52:11Z",
    "bank_account_details": {
        "account_name": "US Dollar Account",
        "account_number": "00998877",
        "sort_code": null,
        "bic": null,
        "iban": null
    "ledger_account": {
        "id": "11d9f69547cc4180b9841dbec6d266c6",
        "displayed_as": "US Dollar Account (1060)",
        "$path": "/ledger_accounts/11d9f69547cc4180b9841dbec6d266c6"
    "bank_account_type": {
        "id": "CHECKING",
        "displayed_as": "Chequing",
        "$path": "/bank_account_types/CHECKING"
    "balance": "0.0",
    "main_address": {
        "id": "4d28043065484748ad8642dc2b3f4326",
        "displayed_as": "Canada",
        "$path": "/addresses/4d28043065484748ad8642dc2b3f4326"
    "main_contact_person": {
        "id": "0540bb23b256486282be7ab2a223269b",
        "displayed_as": "Main Contact",
        "$path": "/contact_persons/0540bb23b256486282be7ab2a223269b"
    "nominal_code": null,
    "editable": true,
    "deletable": true,
    "journal_code": null,
    "default_payment_method": {
        "id": "CHECK",
        "displayed_as": "Cheque",
        "$path": "/payment_methods/CHECK"
    "gifi_code": null,
    "is_active": true,
    "currency": {
        "id": "USD",
        "displayed_as": "US Dollar (USD)",
        "$path": "/currencies/USD"

If you have a null value returned for the bank account currency it is safe to assume this has the same base currency as the business. To ascertain the base currency, you need to make the following request https://api.accounting.sage.com/v3.1/financial_settings?attributes=base_currency,multi_currency_enabled 

    "base_currency": {
        "id": "CAD",
        "displayed_as": "Canadian Dollar (CAD)",
        "$path": "/currencies/CAD"
    "multi_currency_enabled": true



Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 08.38.49.png

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