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DataParsingError on refresh_token


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Hello, I'm trying to refresh my expired token by following Renew an Access Token section in the https://developer.sage.com/accounting/guides/authenticating/authentication/ . But I'm getting  DataParsingError error.
My request response log is:

~~~ REQUEST ~~~
POST  /token  HTTP/1.1
HOST   : oauth.accounting.sage.com
	Content-Type: application/json
BODY   :
   "client_id": "****",
   "client_secret": "****",
   "grant_type": "refresh_token",
   "refresh_token": "****"
~~~ RESPONSE ~~~
STATUS       : 400 Bad Request
HEADERS      :
	Connection: keep-alive
	Content-Length: 125
	Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
	... (trimmed cloudfront headers)
	X-Cache: Error from cloudfront
BODY         :
   "$severity": "error",
   "$dataCode": "DataParsingError",
   "$message": "The data you sent could not be processed.",
   "$source": "Proxy"

Where do I'm wrong?

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