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Accounting API to retrieve orders data


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we're working on financial analytic tool, and need to retrieve data from invoices API (https://api.accounting.sage.com/v3.1/sales_corrective_invoices), but constantly get response:

    "$severity": "error",
    "$dataCode": "MethodNotAllowed",
    "$message": "Action restricted for Accounting in United Kingdom",
    "$source": ""

We've created a test account in Ireland, but as far as I understand, this API is possible to call only for Spain. But for Spain it is not clear how to create a test account, so we are in a loop 🙂 Could you please suggest how we could move forward with that and get access to this API?

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Hi Alexander,

Are you developing this integration specifically for Spain? 

If so, Sage have halted sales of the Sage Business Cloud Accounting product in Spain due to upcoming legislative changes. Sage is working on a new online solution, and information relating to this will be released as soon as possible.



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