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VAT split on Other Payments

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I am using the other_payments API to post transactions to Sage Business Cloud Accounts (Standard).  I am sending the total_amount, net_amount, tax_amount and tax_rate_id in my postdata object - see attached. This all works fine for normal transactions with VAT split at standard rate 20%.

However, in some cases, I need to send net_amount and tax_amount that don't quite match the standard 20% split (sometimes by a few pence on each side) even though the total_amount is still correct. I am still using the standard tax_rate_id.  The problem is that Sage appears to ignore my split and recalculates the net and tax amounts itself at standard rate.

Can I prevent Sage from doing this and get it to retain my split?

Sage BCA Postdata object.JPG

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Hi Dave,

Hope you are well.

I've done some testing and can see that you can do exactly what you are asking within the UI but not via the API. I will be reporting this to be investigated. In my tests is seems that regardless what you do via the API the logic appears to only take note of the net amount, the tax id and then calculate the tax amount.

I'll see what I can do about this and let you know once I have more, or if I end up raising it as a bug. 



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Hi Ben

Thanks for your reply.  In the UI when using eg. Standard rate (20%) then I think you can actually enter whatever Net and VAT split you like as long as the total is same as the Trans Amount.  However, when sending my own Trans Amount, Net and VAT split amounts to Sage via the API then I think the API actually uses the Trans Amount only and splits this itself at 20% into Net & VAT irrespective of the split amounts sent to it.  To be fair, in the API Documentation only the trans_amount is flagged as 'required' but you would think that if you send the Net and VAT then it would use these values.

If you could let me know how the investigation goes then that would be great.  In the meantime I guess I am going to have to fix the Net and VAT split at eg. 20% and not allow the user to change this, then post the trans to Sage via the API.



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