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  1. Very heavy going though :). My trial is running short, is there any scope to extend it by another 30 days?
  2. Reginald Jackson


    Hi, I'm using the contacts API to populate customer records in a desktop system (used up to now with Sage 50c). There seems to be item in the SageOne UI or the API for the default sales tax code that has always been there in Sage50c. Is this right, that in Sage 50c you cannot set a default sales tax code? Cheers Reg
  3. Hi. I thought I'd probably not set up class definitions up correctly, so I used Postman to give me a sample output of all contacts, then found a great website (Convert JSON to C# Classes Online - Json2CSharp Toolkit) that takes a pasted json message and generates the required class structure., and this solved it. Thanks for responding. Reg
  4. Hi, I'm trying to retrieve a list of customer contacts and, for each one, perform some crud processes on another system; this is using c#. I used the api response sample for Get all contacts to copy the resulting json string and used the paste special .. paste as json classes feature of Visual Studio, however when I run my code the Deserialization function doesn't return any data, although the raw json string has returned exactly what I expected. I'm thinking the classes have not been generated correctly for some reason. Here's the first bit of the classes that get generated. { pub
  5. Hi, I solved this by changing the content type to Json and specifying the parameters that way...
  6. Hi, I'm just exploring this API and I agree. In Sage 50c every table had a unique id that could be used, customer code, sales invoice number etc, so it is confusing why they've gone down this path, particularly in requiring yo uto somehow know this new id field in order to do a search...
  7. Hi, I have some code (c#) working which retrieves an authorization code using clientid and secret values. I am then trying to exchange this code (which was stored in a string variable) for access and refresh tokens. The request body is being built thus: string.Format("code={0}&redirect_uri={1}&client_id={2}&client_secret={3}&grant_type=authorization_code" The value for code is taken from a variable into which the code value as retrieved from the initial authorization call. The redirecturi, clientid and clientsecret values are taken from the same variables used in
  8. Hi, This turned out to be a syntax error on my part thanks.
  9. Hi, I'm working in C# / Visual Studio 2019 (this is a Windows Desktop application not a web app), and using Postman as a test tool for the API. I can and have obtained access tokens using Postman and its own callback uri, but when I try and repeat it using a callback url to my own laptop I get the 'Authorise Application Error' screen. Repeating the exercise from my C# project gives the same error, although I have checked the request string carefully against that generated by Postman. I'm wondering if the underlying problem is that I have IIS running on my laptop? My callback uri is b
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