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Retrieving Accounts Receivable thru API


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I've tried to find a way to get all the accounts receivables (detailed, with all the invoices), but all what i've found is the resume per customer thru contacts endpoint.

Anyone can give me some tips to get this information?

Thank you

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Hi Christian, thank you for your question.

For clarity, when you state "all the accounts receivables" do you mean all of the transactions that make up the balance of the debtor control account at a given date?

To return the balance of a ledger account you can use the following endpoint and query parameters with your own values:
ledger_accounts/id of trade_debtors account?show_balance_details=true&from_date=2021-01-01&to_date=2021-06-21

Alternatively, if you need all unpaid transactions that constitute the debtor balance, you would need to return all unpaid and part_paid sales transactions from their individual endpoints using two requests:





sales_quick_entries?status_id=part_paid (quick_entry_type_id=invoice)

sales_quick_entries?status_id=unpaid (quick_entry_type_id=invoice)

sales_quick_entries?status_id=part_paid (quick_entry_type_id=credit_note)

sales_quick_entries?status_id=unpaid (quick_entry_type_id=credit_note)



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Hi Mark,

I think it's more about your 2nd option (unpaid transaction).  Those entries that we find usually in top menu Reporting / More... / Accounts Receivable / Detailed.

I'll have a look at the endpoints that you gave, and see if it match what i get from Sage Accounting website

Thanks you

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