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Support specifying multiple dimension values in Account Balances by Dimensions


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We're in reporting space, and frequently people will need to ad-hoc retrieve figures for a certain set of e.g. locations, projects or departments, for which dimension group might not exist in Sage Intacct (since it's ad-hoc reporting).

Doing it one-by-one is slow and inefficient, so for some dimensions we're creating (and deleting) a dimension group on the fly to participate in the filter condition of the request.


  1. User wants to report for three different projects P1, P2, P3 (separate columns per project)
  2. We create dimension group ADHOC
  3. We issue an account balances by dimension request with "GROUP BY" Project and WHERE ProjectId = ADHOC
  4. We retrieve the grouped dataset and show it in the report for P1, P2, P3
  5. We delete dimension group ADHOC

To clarify, the where condition is needed to avoid loading too much, and at the same time we're trying to avoid N different requests, N can be quite large on some reports.

Problems with this approach:

  • Employee-type users cannot create dimension groups on the fly. 
  • Those are extra requests that make the experience slower.

Proposed approach:

Allow specifying multiple values for locationid, projectid, vendorid ... and other dimension filters.

In the REST API, you could accept an array for each of those parameters that should be translated into an "IN" filter in the SQL. This would give us such a performance boost!

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