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The issue I have is for custom fields, reports, interactive reports, smart events/clicks/rules et al., I can export definitions which are XML scripts. I can put these into a custom package as per the instructions in this page https://developer.intacct.com/customization-services/customization-packages/ however, the process is very manual and prone to error. I wrote an application that can create these package scripts, but I am largely guessing at the structure by exporting the XML definitions and pasting the XML as classes into Visual Studio. On occasion I get an error when importing a package:


Package does not conform with CustomERPPackage.xsd.

XML Parse error: Error 1824: Element 'hidden': '' is not a valid value of the atomic type 'xs:boolean'.. Line: 157, column: 0.
Please correct your package.


Although I can manually fix these problem relatively easily, I would be able to avoid all these errors if I was able to get hold of the XSD referenced in the error message. There can’t be any reason why this XSD wasn’t publicly available.

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