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Error on creating a contact_payment for STRIPE invoice


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API v3.1

I get the following error when trying to create a contact_payment for a stripe invoice that originated on woocommerce

["0","[{\"$severity\":\"error\",\"$dataCode\":\"Validation\",\"$message\":\"Operation can not be performed on Stripe account\",\"$source\":\"Operation\"}]"]

The payment json is as follows


The bank account is /bank_accounts/f7135a083d094ffa8b43c87782ca3c67 Stripe (10021)

I dont have this problem with paypal or the normal banh account

I have tried setting payment_method_id=STRIPE but get the same result

Any help would be appreciated



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Hi Jake

Thank you for your question. I responded in the general thread prior to reading this asking for some further information. 

From what you've supplied here I believe that the Stripe account was configured from within Sage Business Cloud Accounting. When the stripe account is created in this way, Sage Business Cloud Accounting creates a holding bank account for stripe payments named "Stripe". This is set as read only and transactions cannot be created via either the API or the WEB UI.

This is due to Sage Business Cloud Accounting handling the payouts and invoice allocation through its internal logic. If for any reason there is an outstanding invoice that has been paid by Stripe and the payout is showing in the account, I would advise the business to contact the support team.




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