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PurchaseInvoice Creation Error


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I am getting this response  while creating a Purchase Invoice . 

 [{"$severity":"error","$dataCode":"UnexpectedError","$message":"An unexpected error occurred.","$source":""}]

Request Details :

POST to https://api.accounting.sage.com/v3.1/purchase_invoices 

( Authorization token sent in the header)  .

Here is the request body . 

{"purchase_invoice":{"contact_id":"f51cda25b2514b6da40c9d27a64ff20d","date":"2021-10-15","due_date":"2021-10-16","contact_name":"Phoenix Air","reference":"5086","notes":"","total_quantity":1500.0000,"net_amount":24462.0000,"tax_amount":0.0,"total_amount":24462.0000,"exchange_rate":1.0,"inverse_exchange_rate":1.0,"base_currency_net_amount":24462.0000,"base_currency_tax_amount":0.0,"base_currency_total_amount":24462.0000,"invoice_lines":[{"description":"Lumabase 34510 Electric Luminaria Kit, Snowflake","ledger_account_id":"9031a66ad4d611eb97fe124d8c407a59","unit_price":16.3080,"product_id":"34722c10b5884edb94ef98ce718abc11","trade_of_asset":false,"quantity":1500.0000,"net_amount":24462.0000,"tax_amount":0.0,"total_amount":24462.0000,"base_currency_unit_price":16.3080,"unit_price_includes_tax":false,"base_currency_net_amount":24462.0000,"base_currency_tax_amount":0.0,"base_currency_total_amount":24462.0000,"discount_amount":0.0,"base_currency_discount_amount":0.0,"discount_percentage":0.0}]}}


Any ideas ?






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Hi Sachin

Thank you for your question.

Could you provide us with the following information please:

  • The country the business is located in.
  • If the business is registered for VAT if applicable
  • The Supplier country location
  • If the Supplier is registered for VAT

Also, from the code snippet you provided, I cannot see a tax_rate being set.

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Hi Sachin

Thanks for providing me with access to your test account.

I've confirmed all the id's for contacts, ledger and tax_rates etc and have been able to post the invoice with the following:
    "purchase_invoice": {
        "contact_id": "f51cda25b2514b6da40c9d27a64ff20d",
        "date": "2021-10-19",
        "due_date": "2021-11-19",
        "invoice_lines": [
                "description": "Lumabase 34510 Electric Luminaria Kit, Snowflake",
                "ledger_account_id": "9031a66ad4d611eb97fe124d8c407a59",
                "product_id": "34722c10b5884edb94ef98ce718abc11",
                "quantity": 1500,
                "tax_amount": 0.0,
                "tax_rate_id": "0cafb63d49524a3da6d1c8dd65899687",
                "unit_price": 16.3080,
                "unit_price_includes_tax": false


Looking at the code you provided it appears as if you are trying to set the invoice total values. You only need to provide the invoice_line values and the logic will take care of the rest. You also need to ensure you're setting the tax_rate_id.
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