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Sage Business Cloud Accounting API for South Africa


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Hi Shawn, thank you for your question.

The version of Sage Business Cloud Accounting available in South Africa is a different product to the SBCA product documented here, and requires the use of a different API. As such there is a different site available to give you details etc. You can find the pages here: Developer API - Sage Business Cloud Accounting | Sage South Africa

The page has links to register your app for use with this API, details on the auth process and a full API specification.



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You could try searching and downloading the Sage data using this tool called Cloudslurp. We used it and it was super powerful to get the data we needed. You can search, download CSV files or get data by API call.


Here is the link:



There is a full list of the available data sets on the site, it’s also good for searching across multiple Cloud systems, for example finding the same email address of a customer in both your accounting and payments system to help with audit or just system migration.


Available sage data sets:


  • Chart of Accounts

  • Ledger Accounts

  • Ledger Account Classifications

  • Ledger Account Types

  • Contacts

  • Contact Types

  • Contact People

  • Contact People Types

  • Journals

  • Products

  • Catalog Item Types

  • Services

  • Service Rate Types

  • Stock Items

  • Stock Movements

  • Ledger Entries

  • Transactions

  • Transaction Types

  • Sales Credit Notes

  • Sales Estimates

  • Sales Invoices

  • Sales Quick Entries

  • Sales Quotes

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