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📰Playground Bank, New landing page, launch checklist, what is banking service and tons of improvements (Update #64)


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We have released a new update(#64) to our Banking Service Provider documentation. 

  • New landing page to quickly jump into key areas, find resources and view articles. 
  • Improved 'What is banking service' (Easily understand what is the banking service, how it works and why you should integrate).
  • Added FAQ section (You can find our most asked questions at the bottom of key pages).
  • We have now created a playground bank that you can use to test your solutions. 
  • Learn how to secure your integration into the Banking Service. 
  • We have updated our test plan with new items and you can check tests off once you have completed them. 
  • Our integrate section now allows you to get up and running even quicker. 
  • You can now request your production credentials when your ready to go live.
  • Run through our launch checklist to ensure you haven't missed anything. 

We have also fixed tons of issues and added new features based on your feedback. To name a few: 

If you have any feedback on these changes, please let us know below. 👇

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