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Platform App - Import AP Bill Payments


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Submitter: Anonymous

Business Need: Client needs a way to apply AP Payments to AP Bills.

Pre-Requisite: Ensure that Platform Services are enabled for your account.

Tool Limitations:

  • Applying specific credit transactions to bills is not supported. Intacct will automatically determine which credits to draw from.
  • Overpayment is not supported.
  • Paying multiple bills with one payment is not supported. Each payment can only be applied to one bill at a time.


  • Can payments be partially applied to a bill? Yes.

Installation Steps:

  • Login to Sage Intacct.
  • Navigate to Platform Services > Applications > Install From XML.
  • Browse for the "Import AP Bill Payments.xml" file and click Install.
  • Import AP Bill Payments.


  • Bank Account ID (One of Bank Account ID or Charge Card ID is required).
  • Charge Card ID (See Above).
  • Vendor ID (Required).
  • Memo (Optional).
  • Payment Method (Required, Values: Printed Check, Cash, EFT, Charge Card, or ACH).
  • Group Payments (Optional, Values: true or false).
  • Payment Date (Required).
  • Payment Option (Optional, Values: vendor, bill, vendorpref).
  • Document Number (Optional).
  • Description (Optional).
  • Payment Contact (Optional).
  • Bill Key (Required. Must be RECORD NUMBER of AP Bill, NOT Bill number).
  • Payment Amount (Required).
  • Credit To Apply (Optional).
  • Discount To Apply (Optional).

Usage Steps:

  1. Create a Role called “AP Payments” and grant full access to this new module.
  2. Assign the "AP Payments" Role to any user that needs access to this tool.
  3. Populate CSV file named "create ap payment tpl."
  4. Navigate to Import AP Bill Payments > Import AP Bill Payments > Import.
  5. Browse for CSV, set Import Mode to offline, and click Next.
  6. Select Map “Appaymentrequest” and click Import.

Import AP Bill Payments.xml create ap payment tpl.csv

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